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Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.

Special Needs Workshops

Interactive, special needs virtual workshops for parents, caregivers and professionals.

Please contact me so we can discuss booking possible dates, times, topics and fee.

Advocacy: They have it. You want it. Now what?

This workshop will share strategies to help you say what you need to say, and do what you need to do in order to find, apply for and obtain what is needed for your family member with a disability and for your whole family as well. Become the best advocate possible!

Needs, Wants Wishes and Dreams

Life can be difficult when caring for a child with a disability. This session will share valuable resources, encourage participants to celebrate their successes as well as their frustrations and difficulties, offer strategies for success and provide motivation to reach your goals, dream about the future and instill hope!

The Stress of Caring for a Child with a Disability

We will share strategies for stress reduction and share concrete experiences and factors causing stress in our lives, caring for a child with a disability. Participants will share their favorite strategies for coping and hopefully learn some new options. Sharing is caring and that sharing can help us all.

We All Belong

An overview of why the inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream programs benefits all, when done with support, caring, kindness and compassion. Let's learn more about the laws that support inclusion and hear from participants about their experiences with inclusion into the community.

Stares, Glares and Hurtful Words

When your child is perceived to look or behave in a way that brings on unwanted attention from others, it can be uncomfortable. Let’s share strategies to educate, sensitize and react to these experiences. Let's dive into this sensitive topic and share our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Communicating with Kindness

Life is stressful enough without adding the extra burden of having to interact with individuals that add to your stress due to difficult communication skills.  Caregivers must interact with professionals and visa versa.  It is just a reality of life when a family member has a disability. Let us learn and share techniques to make that interaction as positive as possible.

Summer Options

What are all the issues you must consider when choosing an appropriate summer program for your child with a disability? How do you know your child is ready? How do you prepare your child for a summer experience? Should I choose a mainstream program or a special one? What questions should I ask? Let’s share all the issues and concerns you have as well as sharing how we can find the program that is appropriate for our children with disabilities.

Educational Neglect

How do we best support the needs of vulnerable families caring for children with disabilities?  This workshop will focus on issues and interventions to make sure that children who have disabilities are getting the appropriate supports they need to maximize their growth and development with an emphasis on their educational needs.  The home environment and school environment are critically important and sometimes they both fall short when it comes to making sure a child with a disability is getting all the appropriate interventions needed to enhance that child's ability to reach his/her/their potential.  You are invited to join us in sharing and caring during a session where all aspects of  "Educational Neglect" will be explored.  Your input and experience will be welcomed so we can all learn and improve our ability to support our vulnerable families and children.

Benefits and Entitlements

Let’s share information to make sure you know about all the governmental and non-governmental benefits and entitlements for a person with a disability and their family. Came share your issues and concerns.

Transitioning to Adult Services

The School bus has stopped picking up your child-now what? Let’s share various options about the services and resources that your young adult with a disability and the family need to know about now that school has ended or is coming to an end. We will learn about all areas of adult life for someone with a disability.

Caring for Children with Autism: Sharing all the issues and resources.

Caring for Children with Developmental Disabilities: Sharing all the issues and resources.

Ask Gary

Utilizing my 50 years of teaching, social services expertise and advocacy this session will allow participants to bring their problems, barriers, issues of concern and difficulties in obtaining services to the group where I will offer feedback and strategies and all participants can chime in as well.

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